Sunday, March 8th-Round 2 of Open Bar meets Sunday Funday with a House vibe.

“Our after brunch spot”  |  4-10pm

Join us for an after brunch, day party downtown with house music vibes by 128 Productions and an open bar menu loaded with delicious local libations, benifitting the women of Colorado. Included on the menu is a specialty CBD infused cocktail curated by mixologist Scott Healy and powered by The CLEAR.

Open Bar Menu

  • CBD Infused Cocktail by The CLEAR
  • Talbott Cider- Palisade, CO
  • Spirits by Mile High Spirits Distillery
  • Local Brews

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About Open Bar + Sunday Funday

Many leading professionals are excited to present an open bar, social mixer that Denver has never seen before. By drawing influence from Las Vegas’ pronounced Endeavor Management Group and local progressive house music artists, we are proud to introduce a casual, yet high-class event to the Downtown Denver market.

The primary goals of this endeavor are to create an upscale environment with exceptional hospitality for like-minded young professionals to engage and build meaningful relationships, while giving back to the community.

From there, SIP eat + drink became the trailblazing venue in Denver to explore this concept by collaborating with Up Marketing Group led by industry professionals that were involved in opening the legendary Temple Nightclub on Broadway.

What you can expect is an after brunch, sunset session of groovy house music and young professionals coming together for an early evening celebration of music, community, and friendship.

Last and more importantly, proceeds from the event will be donated to Girls Inc. to aid in their effort to focus on the development of the whole girl. Our goal is to help young Coloradoan women value themselves, take risks, discover, and develop their inherent strengths.

Round 2: Fun only

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